Vacating your Rental Porperty

Sue Jones Executive Property Management

How to Successfully Vacate your Rental

Successful moves always start with giving proper notice.

You are required to give 30 days’ notice to your landlord prior to moving out at the end of a fixed term lease. Any less and you may face financial penalties reclaimed through your rental bond.

If you are on a periodic lease, then you are required to give 21 days’ notice to the agent.

Should your landlord be the one terminating the tenancy by not renewing the lease, you are also entitled to 30 days’ notice.

You are expected to pay your rent up until your move-out date, upon which you will be expected to remove all of your property and clean the property and leave it in its original condition as per the Property Condition Report.

The Property Manager will then conduct the final inspection and it is usually advisable for the tenant to attend so that any minor issues can be sorted out immediately.

Please note that if you do not meet cleaning standards, cleaners will be hired at your expense and costs reclaimed through your rental bond.

Once any bond claims or lack thereof have been agreed upon by both parties, you will; be required to sign and complete the bond disposal form. This is then submitted to Bond Administration in Perth , who will return your deposit approximately 14 days later.

Please visit the Department of Commerce website for more information: