Top Skill Requirements

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Top Skill Requirements For Good Property Management


To be an effective property manager working with people must be a pleasure. I especially enjoy this aspect of my work and good communication is very effective when problems arise and the interests of our clients are affected.


It is often said that people do not fail – it’s systems that fail and the blame falls inevitably on people. I understand this and have developed over the year’s checklists and office systems that streamline processes. This frees up more time to enable me to address enquiries and keep in contact with all my clients on a regular basis.

Proactive solutions

A critically important skill in property management is to anticipate and to identify possible issues or challenges early. Preventative maintenance will extend the life of costly installations like heating, cooling, and plumbing systems which translates to a greater return on your investment.
Our attitude to maintenance mirrors our attitude to successfully managing the tenancy: we always think ahead and plan accordingly.

Time Management

A common industry complaint is that property managers are “time poor” and struggle to stay on top of basic management tasks leaving owners feeling frustrated. My company uses highly organized office systems which enable us to handle properties effectively, ensuring that monthly accounts and rental reports are accurate and up-to-date.

Negotiation skills

Good property managers are able to establish rapport and common ground which is the groundwork for successful negotiation and smooth conflict resolution. These well-developed core skills have been developed over many years and enable me to navigate adeptly through sensitive matters.


Clients expect and require us to protect their interests and their property as well as money – this is why I ensure I maintain a high level of ongoing Industry Training & hat Top Shelf Asset Management is all about. We implement robust compliance procedures which safeguard against situations that are known to result in unnecessary insurance claims.

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