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Sue Jones Exclusive Property Management

Why choose Sue Jones Exclusive Property Management?

Easy!  Increased Profits and Low Vacancy Rates!

Great property management can do that because the properties that are well cared for become sought after and more desirable and that is essential in this market to ensure that they stand out from the rest. Neglectful management can lead to potential issues with profits decreasing over time and long vacancy periods between tenants.

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Sue Offers a Unique Property Management Service!

All Landlords have the same complaints when dealing with real estate agents; lack of communication, lack of knowledge and experience, no accountability, and not forgetting the ever present high staff turnover which results in loss of historical data and leaves Landlords feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.  That won’t happen with me as my core business IS property management; it is systems, procedures and maintaining ongoing up to date knowledge of legislation and regulations governing the industry.

I am now operating as Licensee of my own Property Management specific agency to ensure quality service to a small select group of customers who know that good Property Managers are hard to come by and once found, they are worth retaining.

I limit the number of properties under management to ensure my select group of clients can enjoy better communication and personal one on one property management.

Entrusting your investment property to a smaller business will be an advantage…consistency, accountability & a personal approach.