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Property Management Mindarie

Mindarie is an outer coastal suburb of Perth, Western Australia. It is located 36 kilometres north of Perth’s central business district, and forms part of the City of Wanneroolocal government area.

After being briefly used for its limestone deposits in the early 20th century, the suburb was formally established in 1988 with the construction of the Mindarie Marina and hotel, one of the largest man-made marina resorts in the state. Several shops, restaurants and schools are now dispersed throughout the rest of the area, which is primarily residential in character. A number of large bushland reserves and parks preserve Mindarie’s previously natural state, such as its large coastal dunes.

While Mindarie is a largely residential suburb, it does have a fairly large amount of infrastructure and amenities distributed at various points around the suburb. There are two minor shopping precincts in the northern and southern extremes of Mindarie, which include two service stations, various restaurants and take-away franchises (such as McDonald’s and Red Rooster) and Basil’s, an independent grocery store. Mindarie Keys Medical Centre, located in the south, provides medical care for the suburb’s residents, as well as dental care and physiotherapy facilities.However, the large Ocean Keys Shopping Centre in Clarkson is situated adjacent to Mindarie on the other side of Marmion Avenue, catering to the suburb’s residents for major commercial shopping needs and other public services.

The newly extended Mitchell Freeway and Clarkson train station provide easy access to Joondalup City, other northern corridor suburbs and Perth City.

Unlike the adjacent Quinns Rocks coastline, Mindarie’s coastline is mostly taken up by the Mindarie Marina and its large harbour and breakwater. The marina itself has been a popular destination for tourism since its inception in the late 1980s. Along the boardwalk, the marina contains a three-storey hotel overlooking the harbour, several restaurants, a microbrewery and The Boat, a pub and restaurant all provide the majority of Mindarie’s entertainment and nightlife.

Immediately south of the marina’s breakwater is Claytons Beach, a small, unpatrolled beachthat is a popular spot for surfers.[31]The unoccupied bushland part of the beach, further south, runs through Tamala Park and into Burns Beachin the City of Joondalup. A vast number of parks and reserves are situated all around the suburb.[32]Bellport Park contains tennis courts, while Lighthouse Park and Bellport Park both contain large, functional lighthouses